International Symposium on Biological Engineering and Natural Science

April 10-12, 2014 Bangkok, Thailand


201404 Bangkok- Final Program

Keynote Speech

Topic 01: Mathematical Models of Infectious Disease Transmission; Airborne Disease Transmission and Ventilation

Farhad Memarzadeh, Ph.D., P.E., Division of Technical Resources (DTR), National Institutes of Health, the U.S.

Farhad Memarzadeh is the Director, Division of Technical Resources (DTR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

With the headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, the NIH has more than 18,000 employees on the main campus and at satellite sites across the country. NIH is the premiere biomedical research institute in the United States and the largest, most comprehensive research institution of its kind in the world.
DTR Major Responsibilities are: to conducts ground breaking bio-environmental research, complex technical analysis, provides design review of high containment biomedical research laboratories; develops national and international standards for biomedical and health care facilities; and provides consultant services and support to other Federal agencies engaged in both national and international programs to promote the application of best engineering design and construction practices for biosafety levels 2, 3 and 4.

Dr. Memarzadeh has authored 4 books and written over 60 scientific research and technical papers in peer reviewed journals.

He is an international consultant on biocontainment and medical research laboratories throughout the world. He has been a guest and keynote speaker at over 50 international scientific and engineering conferences and symposia.
Dr. Memarzadeh is a lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health.

He is Editor-in-Chief of the World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development Journal that addresses issues that will be central to world sustainable development through efficient and effective technology transfer. He is also, the Co-Editor in Chief of Global Science and Technology; Journal of BioSciences.

Dr. Memarzadeh has been the principal investigator on numerous groundbreaking research studies. He pioneered NIH’s Bio-Environmental Engineering Research Program.

Dr. Memarzadeh has received numerous national awards and commendations including; NIH Director's award for exceptional research in reducing airborne transmission of infectious agents, several commendations from United States senate for outstanding research on energy and environmental measures and the National Society of Professional Engineers top ten Engineer of the year award, as well as Scientific/Engineering Literary awards for outstanding scientific publications.
The keynote address gives an overview of the newly published Monograph authored by Dr. Memarzadeh that examines different Mathematical Models of Infectious Disease Transmission. It addresses modes of transmission, the physical mechanisms of transmission, individual behaviors, and the effect of spatial and particle dispersion factors.

Topic 02: An Examination of Organizational Communication Relating to Social Strategies and Stakeholder Involvement

Scott Michael Smith, Assumption University, Thailand

Scott has been researching Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in the accommodation sector and is currently working on his dissertation, focusing on the successful communication of CSR in SE Asia. Scott has over 20 years of practical experience as an owner and manager in the service sector and more than a decade’s worth of teaching and consulting experience in Thailand.
Scott has worked closely with many of the leading tourism suppliers in Thailand to develop service training programs and promote strategies that make business sense and common sense. He has published numerous articles regarding the communication of CSR and is a popular contributor at international conferences and seminars. Scott has experience hosting academic conferences and has been invited to present keynote speeches on a variety of topics throughout SE Asia. He currently serves on the editorial review board of several academic journals.
Scott also serves as the International SKAL Councilor-Thailand and the Director for Young SKAL-Thailand. SKAL International is an organization of tourism professionals representing 17,000 members in over 500 local clubs in over 100 countries.

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