Castelo Shuri
Shuri was the capital of Okinawa until the 1870s and is one of four castles designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The castle was to play a key part in many of the struggles in the centuries that followed. The castle stands on top of a hill, providing a commanding view of Naha. The interior of the main building has been restored in its original style, while the North and South Halls have modern museums inside.

Chinen Misaki Park
Chinen Misaki Park is located at the tip of Cape Chinen in Nanjo City. From this park you can see Kudakajima Island, often called "the island of the gods". In the morning the park serves as a perfect spot to see the sunrise, and at night it becomes a great location to see the star-filled sky.

Okinawa World & Gyokusendo Caves
Okinawa World's main attractions are a massive natural cave, a craft village and a snake museum. With a total length of five kilometers, Gyokusendo Cave is the second longest cave in the entire country. 850 meters of the cave are open to the public and feature spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

Ryukyu Glass Village
Ryukyu Glass Village is the largest glass and crafts making factory in all of Okinawa. Here, visitors can purchase or even make their own works of Ryukyu glass, one of Okinawa's most notable handicrafts. Visitors can watch glass craftsman create works of Ryukyu glass at the 1,300-degree Celsius kiln located at the center of the workshop.

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