Local Host

Mr. Carl Bastian

Managing Director of the Ryukyu World Office Ltd.

We are honored to invite Mr.Carl Bastian to join us and introduce the charming of Okinawa.

Mr. Carl is the CEO of the Ryukyu World Office Ltd.. a consulting firm providing marketing, manpower and operational solutions to Hotels & Resorts as well as being a liaison between numerous military entities & local business. He also founded Eco Japan, providing Hotels & Resorts environmentally sustainable solutions while spearheading grass-root movements locally with the aim of increasing awareness about problematic practices.

Mr. Carl is also a Governor of AMCHAM Okinawa and Chairman of the Tourism & Hospitality Committee while holding memberships in the Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan (ANZCCJ) as well as the Yomitan Tourism Association.

An expat of 20 years from Australia, he has managed, kick-started and owned businesses in Osaka, Tokyo for 10 years and now calls this tropical paradise of Okinawa home.